Revolt in the Square | Partners
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nabil mohareb
Dr. Nabil Mohareb,
Beirut Arab University
Dr. Nabil Mohareb is an Associate Professor and the Head of Faculty Branch, Faculty of Architecture – Design & Built Environment, Beirut Arab University, Tripoli Campus, Lebanon. His research and publications’ interest is about spatial configuration analysis mainly understanding peoples’ movement behaviour in urban spaces.
The Faculty of Architecture – Design and Built Environmentat BAU was established in 1962 and offers an internationally accredited architectural programme. BAU was founded in 1960 and is spread over four campuses including Beirut, Debbieh, Tripoli and the Bekaa.
Professor Hussein Gharbieh,
Lebanese University
Professor Hussein Gharbieh is a Lecturer in Middle East Politics at the Faculty of Law and Political and Administrative Sciences at the Lebanese University in Beirut. He received his PhD from Durham University and has published on Shi’i politics in Lebanon, including a book entitled Lebanese Confessionalism and the Creation of Shi’i Identities.
The Faculty of Law and Political and Administrative Sciences at the Lebanese University in Beirut was founded in 1960 and grants diplomas in law and political science at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The Lebanese University has campuses in Beirut, Fanar, Tripoli, the Bekaa and Nabatiyeh.